Wall-E Toy Pictures Part 2

I received an email today from a user on the Official Wall-E Builder’s Group at www.Wall-EBuilders.com saying he had some pictures from a print job his company did for a shelf mock-up for Thinkway Toys.

Anyway, thank you Talesin for the pictures!

plushies.jpg          remotecontrol.jpg

talking.jpg          transforming.jpg           wall-dancediecast.jpg

wall-repaireve-search.jpg          wall-stackmo.jpg

I can’t wait!

I am adding a album to my profile on The-Sandcrawler.com this week to start showcasing my Wall-E collection!

So far it’s just a few key chains, and an official movie poster.

But I do have my autographed picture coming, along with my books on order. And hopefully the group can get their hands on one of the Cinema Standees!


~ by Lunk on February 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Wall-E Toy Pictures Part 2”

  1. Were di you get those toys?

  2. I don’t have these toys (yet), as it says in the post, these are pictures from a guy who’s company made the cards these toys are on.

    But I will post pics when I get the toys!

    If you want to see the collection I do have, sign up for http://www.The-Sandcrawler.com and check out Lunk’s profile.

    I have pics of all sorts of Wall-E Stuff.

  3. […] cut of Hellboy II: The Golden Army and says it “was a joy to watch even without the eye candy.” The Sandcrawler Times has a look at a bunch of new WALL-E products from Thinkway […]

  4. […] it’s way too early to go off on a crazy rant. Wall-E toys.  Coming soon to a Toys R-Us near you just in time for Christmas.  You can also build your own […]

  5. where did you get it

  6. gimmie it

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