CNC Fairy tale

Once upon a time (About 12 months ago), In a land far far away (Perth Australia) there was a Lathe.
It was a bit dull and sat around most of the time doing simple jobs, until one day a man (ME) decided to automate it (Computer controlled – CNC).


So it was was striped naked of it’s manual parts like the king and his clothes.
And new parts were supplied by some of the local merchants (EBay).
High precision screws (ball-screws) and motors were fitted.


The machine was alive.


It was happy machining new shapes and showing off to everybody that came near by, for a while.
It got bored and sat around again.

Until Wall-E came along and now it has a new purpose in life.



~ by tinman1 on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “CNC Fairy tale”

  1. Man..this reminds me of the lathe I used to have:(

    I miss my machine shop! My wife and I sold it all and moved, that was before I discovered the joy of building robots!

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