Wall-E GameCube Mod is Too Cute

This was posted on the Wall-E Builder’s Group yesterday, and I thought I would share!

Wall-E GameCube Mod is Too Cute (but Not Too Cute for the Giz)

wallemod1.jpgLong before the Pixar movie hits the big screen this summer, a group of German modders have been inspired by Wall-E’s cuteness to take an old and unloved Nintendo GameCube and some scraps of metal and acrylic, and put together a sweet mod that looks just like the little robot himself.

It even has tank treads and a flip-down shutter, like Wall-E’s, over the Gamecube’s ports. Frankly, its so loveably “realistic” that we’re pre-emptively sniffly, imagining what the movie will be like. [Bit-Tech via TechEBlog]galleryPost(‘wallemod’, 3,”);

medium_2281185267_eae270c82c_o.jpg medium_2281185331_b054e93112_o.jpg medium_2281185413_79a9ef5cc2_o.jpg

medium_2281185497_34b4e61808_o.jpg wallemod1.jpg


~ by Lunk on March 7, 2008.

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